Stop Time Warner Cable's Unfair Bandwidth Tier System

Thank you for the support! TWC has dropped tier-based pricing plans for now!


Time Warner Cable (TWC) is planning on introducing a tier-based bandwidth allocation system in Austin TX, San Antonio TX, Greensboro, NC and Rochester NY.

This system is similar to current cell phone plans that charge consumers based on minutes used. TWC is introducing 5GB, 10GB and 40GB plans priced from $22.95 to $54.90 a month. Users that exceed the limit will be charged $1 for each GB they go over.

The maximum 40GB cap is so low that consumers can easily exceed it and encounter huge fees. Technologies such as the iTunes store, Apple TV, Netflix Watch Instant, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation 3 Marketplace all use large amounts of bandwidth to deliver content. Consumers that use any of these products will have a very hard time staying under this extremely low cap and will likely have to adjust their habits in order to avoid extremely large fees.

Why this is bad

What you can do

1. Call your local TWC phone number and express your dissatisfaction with the new pricing and bandwidth caps. Remember to be polite and persistent!
2. Email your complaint to realideas. This email address was set up so TWC has a single place to check for everything related to the new tier policy.
3. Share this site with your friends! Use the links on the right side of this page to promote this cause. TWC knows about this website and they know that we, the consumers, are not happy with these changes. The more people that get involved the better! Webmasters: we greatly appreciate all the links we are getting to this page and invite anyone with a website to link to us!
4. Contact your local government representatives. In most of the areas affected consumers do not have a choice between broadband providers. If this 40GB cap goes through as planned these people will be forced to change the way they view and acquire content online.
5. Browse our delicious links and email us at info with websites related to this issue. We are constantly updating this list of bookmarks and are building a great collection of information.

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